Spring, just two states away…


Heuchera 'Electra'
Heuchera 'Electra'

Returning home from Florida this weekend, I was happy to see the buds bursting on the Silver Maples throughout South and North Carolina!  This was one positive I found on the trek north.  As the temperatures plummeted from 60 degrees in Orlando to 27 in Kentucky I wondered why I had not worn socks on the way home?

 After our 19 hour straight drive, I must admit I was happy to be home, even with the snow.  It is so weird to have been warm and in shorts a mere 19 hours earlier.  How long do you think till we get the shorts out again?  May?

Getting the mail when you have been gone for two weeks can be fun, all-be-it a little scary.  I was most excited for the Terra Nova catalog, so I could drool over new heucheras and dream of new location for them!  I must say I must have Electra!   A villosa hybrid means its parent is a North American native, actually even Ohio native.  Cool.  

Now, I have to get back to Terra Nova.  As my six year old said today, “Winter, get out of the way!”

Let nature inspire you everyday! 



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