Wake up!

Every spring I fall in love with the way plants wake up.  It is so amazing to me how different they look when they are emerging from the ground, as opposed to their mature summer foliage.  Having grown plants from bareroot for nusery stock, I often had to be able to identify perennials by only these baby leaf buds or the color and shape of their roots.  So to this day after cutting back the old foliage, I am forever studying and photographing new growth.  Here are my favorites from this weekend’s clean up.


New Echinacea leaves emerging
Baptisia (False Indigo) waking up
Variegated Fallopia (Japanese Fleece Flower) pink leaf buds


Pushing back the older leaves of Huechera Midnight Rose (a cool Coral Bell with mature purple leaves spotted pink), I found baby leaves on the rise. Hints of pink spotting seen at edges.
Lastly, I found this Pink Champagne Clematis (Early flowering) wrapping itself around a Midnight Wine Weigela just beginning to wake up. 
Don’t forget to stop, kneel down and look close!  You never know what treasure you will find.

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