My May Garden

Okay, so some people measure there children by pencil marks on the door frame right? I measure my son by taking a picture of him every year by my Ostrich Ferns, if only I can find that first picture….the ferns were taller than him!  And now….

Ostrich Ferns

I must admit I have a complete fetish with Brunnera, I am not sure if it is the blue flowers or just super cool leaves.  I have planted 4 varieties in my garden and now have about 16 (reseeded) and they are all different!  My hubby is certain they are weeds, since they are SO happy in our moist shady yard!  Need to do a Brunnera post.  They grow anywhere in my yard though, even on the south side! 


I almost missed it!  This is a Tree Peony bloom (almost spent), no idea what variety.  I think I almost like the foliage on tree peonies more than the flower!  This sits near my foundation on the west side of my house.  It is protected by the nearby garage…I can almost smell it.  Can you?

Tree peony

Ok, now we head to the east side of the house.  I have had this Amsonia ( Amsonia tabernaemontana) for years and it was always wimpy, this year it is HUGE! 

Easily 3′ by 3′!  It decided to grow, it is still in bloom now June 11th!  Cool….

So much more to share!  So little time….will try to finish May garden post so I can get to June! 
Really enjoy nature today!

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