Reinvent myself?

I have been told that I need to “reinvent myself” or shall I say my business?  I have spent hours pouring over books like Successful Business Planning and read, circled, dog-eared every Green Industry Trade Magazine I can get my hands on. After all of that I have come to this conclusion:

I do not need to reinvent myself.

I do need to GO BACK.  Go back and remember why I even started this business.

Andre and I being silly and sitting on the stepables, calling them sittables. Back in 2004.

It is a pure unbridled LOVE of nature, especially plants that started it all.  I feel good in nature.  I feel close to God when walking in the shade of a mature Beech tree.  That amazing feeling that nature gives me, I want to share with others.  Inspiring others to enjoy nature and invite nature in.

Mature trees in Hocking Hills State Park

Invite nature closer to your home via trees, plants and flowers.  So often I see uninspiring backyards and instead of getting depressed, I get excited.  I see the possibilities.  It comes so simply to my brain.  How to make this backyard go from…drab to fabulous.

WHY?  Why go from drab to fabulous?

Not to show off to neighbors.  Not for resale value.

For YOU to enjoy nature.  Breathe in the simple life.  Be inspired by your own backyard.  Meet God there.

Reinvent myself?  I think not, God created me just as He wanted me.

Reinvent nature?  I don’t think so, God created nature beautifully.  What I will do is point….point to two places.  Up to God and outside, because that is where my inspiration comes from.

When you are not sure which way to turn, may I suggest…going back?  For me it means moving forward!


One thought on “Reinvent myself?

  1. Fred Pentecost

    You are exactly right! If you try to re-invent yourself you only end up being someone you are not. I think they called that “being phony” in my day.

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