Waiting for spring is like…

…waiting for your best friend to pick you up to go see a movie when you were about eight years old!  You were ready at 5:08 and they said they’d pick you up at 5:30.  You stared out the window fogging the glass with your breath (then you’d write your name in it, if mom wasn’t looking).  Every car that was color of your friends brought your back straighter and you held yourself frozen until it completely passed your house.  Then you exhaled.  Your mom asked you – while you where busy watching – to put your plate up from snack and leaving the window felt, painful.  What if you missed it?  That critical moment when the car’s tires crunched the bits of stone at the entrance to your driveway….

As I drive through town under maple trees that line the streets their buds seems to be screaming out to me in anticipation.  It is as if they and I are reverberating….I can’t sit still and neither can they, in enthusiasm of spring!  And I don’t mean a date on the calendar.  I mean leaves and flowers SHOWING!!!  Those leaf buds are just waiting for the perfect moment when all of the heavens line up, the days holding the perfect number of seconds.  The temperature ideal for its new baby leaves to be boldly “out there”.  Having just shed its bud scale coat and protection.  At that moment the plant leaves its source of life and energy totally unprotected.  I guess I would wait until it is safe too.

So, here I am (thirty years later) at my window waiting for my friend, spring.   I am not going to miss it!


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