Penny Nature Preserve Defiance, Ohio

It was one of those April days where the clouds feel as low as the ceiling in your living room, yet I was determined to be outside.  The flyer has been in my “Things to do with Andre” school flyer since Kindergarten.  I can picture that flyer in my mind vanilla colored tri-fold “Nature Preserve” written on the front.  Finally I found the flyer and directions.   We head to Ashpacher Road (located between S.R. 15 and 18).

Looking to my right I see a gravel/weedy open area and a sign!  Hurray for signs, very helpful.  I am in the right place.  We park on the gravel and see before us a field of thistle and wheat colored grasses.  As we step on to what looks like a grass path. I say “It is going to be wet.”  The moment I say that, I feel the cool wetness soaking into my shoe and sock.

Slightly confused we walk on a gravel path leading to what looks like a neighboring property.  Happily we realize is heading for the woods – behind the neighboring house.  Cool, just where we want to be.  As we approach the woods a lone tree blooms among lines of grey.  A Serviceberry, my favorite!

We only left ourselves with half an hour for this adventure, but in that time to managed to encounter, dogwood in bud, very cool mossy logs, Mayapple, Trout Lily, Spring Beauties, a flowing stream and bridge.  We didn’t make it through the woods into the true wetland area before we had to head to piano lessons (and we were quite a muddy site to see)!  We will be back that is for sure!  Here are a few more pictures to leave you with…

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One thought on “Penny Nature Preserve Defiance, Ohio

  1. Village Gardener

    We have passed this place many times on our way to Bryan. Now you have given us a desire to stop and see what we have been missing. Thanks for the pictures.

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