Lunch today

The lettuce crop June 13, 2011

Despite the tiny kitten climbing up my back, I had an awesome lunch today! My first salad from the garden, Sesame Tuna (thus the cat issue). My son planted Butter crunch, Crisp Mint and Drunken Woman lettuce on April 15. No, he won’t eat lettuce, but loves to plant. Drunken Woman is a light green with a tinge of red in the ends of the leaf and was my favorite. Crisp Mint has a hint of bittery mint taste, great mixed with the others! Butter crunch is just so mild – it was almost lost among the other flavors of my salad. I just had to post, as it is always a celebration when you get that first bite of your harvest! How is your garden growing?

The newest addition to our family....

One thought on “Lunch today

  1. Village Gardener

    My garden is doing well too. The lettuce has been very nice this year. The scallions were great until they decided to start turning in to larger onions. The garlic crop is just about ready for harvest at the end of the month. The barn will take on the rich aroma of fresh garlic when the bulbs are hung for drying. The potatoes have come on nicely and are already blooming. That means it won’t be too long before we have some fresh, sweet new potatoes; just in time to mix with the fresh peas that will be ready in about ten days. The warm weather crops of tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn and sweet potatoes really like the warmer days and nights.

    Isn’t summer wonderful!

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