The joy of water

I think kids inherently love nature and running water.  In early fall my nephew Quincy, age 3, and I were together at the time I had a project due involving about thirty table centerpieces so Andre, Quincy and I were on a mission.  “Collect as many flowers as you can find!, ” I instructed. They were great hunters!  The project was a success.

The next time I saw Quincy was at our family Thanksgiving, soon after he saw me he said, “Come on Tia Marce (Tia means Aunt in Spanish) let’s go get flowers.” I thought how cute, he knows just who to ask to collect flowers, then I remembered what we did the last time we were together! So, out we went.  I was thinking how many flowers will we actually find on November 23rd?  You might be surprised…tomorrow I will reveal that.  For now we stop.  Excited that there is water coming out of this box in the ground and it never stops!


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