Happy New Leaf

I remember the day I found these tiny Oak leaves, a tree covered with them just off the sidewalk on my regular jog route.  Again, no camera.  Yet for fear that these new little leaves would grow up in just 24 hours, the next morning I made Andre get his rain coat on and walk with me.  Walk to the tree.

On the way he said, “Mom, where are we going again?”

“I just HAVE to take a picture of the most amazing baby leaves,” I say.

The rain was steady.  I hid my camera under my bright blue raincoat to keep it dry.  After three blocks we arrive.  He stands under the tree stating, “The leaves are cool, but getting to walk through puddles in the morning is the best.”

December 30, eight months later, I find the photos.  In search of a photo the exudes the word NEW.  Yet even after finding this, I think , “New.  Is anything really new?  New to me, you or everyone? The Oak leaves were new to me, but for how many years has this Oak tree been creating miniscule leaves?

We say Happy New Year.  Is it new?  Or is it like the Oak leaves?  A reliable cycle that is always there?  And on the days we notice the beauty of the cycle, we stop.  We put our rain coats on and we journey out.

May you SEE and SEEK beauty in 2012.  God-filled beauty.


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