Happy Samara Day

In my corner of the world it is unofficially ‘Samara Day’.  The day the Silver Maples surrounding my postage-stamp sized yard release every fruit it created this spring.  It is as if the tree knows it is going to rain this evening – watering its babies to ensure their survival.  It was a mere five weeks ago I remember encountering my first Silver Maple in full bloom (March 11).

In case you are wondering, yes this is early.  In 2011 “Samara Day” was May 22!  HOW MUCH ahead of schedule is spring?  About one month ahead of last year anyway.

Before I forget a samara is the botanical name for what everyone calls – a helicopter. Defined in my college botany notes as “A simple, dry, indehiscent fruit with an airfoil outgrowth of an ovary wall.”  (I love plants SO much I kept my notes, notice I said plants, not college)


One thought on “Happy Samara Day

  1. AJ

    Way up north here, we are also significantly ahead of schedule, but a bit behind you – the samaras have only just begun to develop and are not ready to spin down to earth, get peeled open, and stuck on kids’ noses like a strange horn just yet!

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