Love at first sight

Ever since I met my first Maidenhair fern, I was enchanted.  I worked at a Conservatory in college, so I got to see them frequently.  They graced the constantly moist wall near a small waterfall.  So fascinated I had to have one, so I saved up those precious college quarters – 14 of them to purchase my first Maidenhair.  I remember that day almost as vividly as they day I killed it.

I spritzed it frequently with water in my tiny dorm room and one day I absent-mindedly picked up the glass cleaner that lived in the same shape bottle and spritzed my Maidenhair!  Realizing my mistake I washed her off, but to my dismay by the time I returned from class later that day – she was brown and shriveled.  Honestly, I am still mad at myself over that mistake!

It took me years to feel worthy enough to own another one.  It is their grace,  form and movement that I am just enamored with.  And oh, that contrast of the black wiry stem!  I hope each of you gets a moment in life to appreciate the simple beauty of this plant.


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