Colors of life

My son’s favorite book used to be “What do People Do All Day” by Richard Scarry.  I sat down and thought of pieces – just pieces of what we mom’s do.  I listed a bit of my day, leaving out the usual laundry, dishes, cleaning, animal feeding….

At breakfast we extracted DNA from an onion (completed devotional first)

Got to Chapter 14 in Swiss Family Robinson (they just ate bear paws for dinner)

Sorted chromosome pair cards (explained XX vs XY of 23rd pair without explaining sex)

Finished a Landscape Estimate

Played Bull’s Eye Math  – Studied Open Syllables – Practiced piano

Planned tenth birthday party (tomorrow) – Went to store – Played at park filled with beautiful White and Burr Oaks – Called customers while Andre was swinging –

Finished Halloween costume (it involved duct tape not sewing) – Made Zucchini brownies –  Talked to Hubby – Back to store (forgot something)

Cardio workout – Bedtime stories (Ramona the Brave)

Did I feed my family dinner?


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