We flee a house without heat on a day when the low reads 8 degrees.  “Let’s have a field trip today,” I notify my still sleepy child.

We spend a day in the warm glow of Impressionist paintings, sipping steaming soup near a sunny window and absorbing the heat from a 2150 degree glass furnace. It is enchanting – near perfect.

I did not realize my soul still sat bored, until I walked into the steam.  Glasses clouded, I breathed in.  I could feel my heart beating as I stood waiting for the “clouds” to lift.


I was surrounded by respiring, photosynthesizing foliage.  This, this is what stirs my soul.  This is where I want to be.

Thank you God for the passions you place inside each of us.  May each of your creations find, live, and be overcome by the fire we each carry.


Today my house has heat. My soul has fire.


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