Peace unexpected 


Yes, I was completely stressed out. My plate overflowing I started freaking out. To which my 13yo said, “Mom, it’s hike day.” In reference to our training schedule (for our Philmont adventure this summer). 

“WHAT?!?” I blurt, thinking that’s the last thing I need AND it’s raining. “Yup,” he says, “Our packs are ready and in the car.”

Okay, fine I think grumpily.

As I walk, try as I might the bad attitude dissipates into the woods I slop through. Andre goes off to hunt the frogs that are singing persistantly (yes, for a merit badge) as I stand by an old garden gate. I have a gate fetish so out comes the camera, when I notice this…on top of the post.

Bryophyte. Moss. (Sorry, don’t know all my mosses yet so no Latin name today.)

Yes, between this moss and the hike itself…I totally forgot “my plate” of worries.

I’m home now and the plate is still full, but it looks different somehow and for that change in vision, I am thankful.

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