My life is very different from years ago when I started my garden and landscape. This hit me today, as I made the time to work in the garden (truth be known I was avoiding homework). I never thought the day would come when I would say, I want fewer plants. Yet here I am. Today I let my husband seed, yes to lawn a large area of my garden. Those who know me, know my past goal, if not to own at least to meet every plant God created. Yeah, I was serious (seriously crazy)!

As I look ahead at my new goals, well they don’t involve plants. But  the cool thing is I can forever LOVE them and even meet new ones.  They will always speak to me. As I proceed down new paths, this is so valuable to remember.

So nothing is ever wasted or left behind as God works in your life but more like folded in or mixed in as He creates in us exactly what His Kingdom needs.

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