Day till...


24 days until. There is a special-ness about marking your days, especially when you know what’s coming is good. This time of year, we count the coming (Advent means “coming” in Latin).

Is the event still exciting even when you know what’s coming?

In this case, YES….because we celebrate God’s breaking into this world.  Imagine our God saying, “It’s time to fix this.” And HE comes. Whether you say he comes down, over or through us…he arrives just as we arrived tiny and unnoticed by many (except for those who were watching and waiting).

For me, Advent is a drawing close to God. The world pulls us away, but right now we have the opportunity choose to take steps closer to Yahweh.


Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. John 4:8

As we take intentional steps toward Him, we will find more and more of HIM…more love, more grace, more joy.

I pray we serve up little reminders to each other this season as we journey on this path together.  The path that leads to Christ. The path that leads to life.



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