I like snow!

The Redbud in my front yard gracefully holding tiny particles of snow.


On fire…

For some reason the fall color on this Full Moon Japanese Maple always amazes me.  I feel as though it is jumping out at me!  Oh, I wait anxiously for fall each year, because of this tree.


The rain/snow and coldness drove me to look to happiness in blue flowers today.  Enjoy Hydrangea Endless Summer in photo for now as the actual plants stand waiting, bare stems. In a short seven months…again you will see her bunches of bluish purple panicles!

Plant marriage

This color combination of Autumn fern and Caramel Heuchera I knew would be good when I planted them together under my Sullivan Cypress, but when the new fronds unfurled in the Spring I was even more excited about this plant marriage! Brunnera macrophylla leaves looming in between…

Lunch today

The lettuce crop June 13, 2011

Despite the tiny kitten climbing up my back, I had an awesome lunch today! My first salad from the garden, Sesame Tuna (thus the cat issue). My son planted Butter crunch, Crisp Mint and Drunken Woman lettuce on April 15. No, he won’t eat lettuce, but loves to plant. Drunken Woman is a light green with a tinge of red in the ends of the leaf and was my favorite. Crisp Mint has a hint of bittery mint taste, great mixed with the others! Butter crunch is just so mild – it was almost lost among the other flavors of my salad. I just had to post, as it is always a celebration when you get that first bite of your harvest! How is your garden growing?

The newest addition to our family....