These two were beautifully paired this afternoon.

Baptisia and Tiger Eye Sumac just waking up, together.



seeds packets

Oh! I love the day the seed packets arrive.  The hope of an awesome harvest all in these tiny seeds.

The all night party


The view from which inspired the State Seal of Ohio.

Photo taken at Thomas Worthington’s home in Chillicothe, Ohio known as Adena Mansion.


Here is the current seal shown above.

What I found funny was the plaque said something to this effect,  “after an all night party at the Worthington’s home several men watched the sun rise over Mount Logan from this spot. The sight impressed the leaders of the new state so profoundly that in 1803 a coat of arms was provided based on this motif…”

Click here to see all the different state seals over the years.

Spheroidal goodness


It is as if it is a child’s rubber ball is stuck on a plant!  I think perhaps I love this peony just at this precise stage and shape even more than when it is in full bloom.  It makes me childishly happy.