Feline inflorescence

I tried to capture the JOY of cat and child at play and I missed.  Or did I?

Anyway here is Rally’s back half in full jump toward a Miscanthus flower.



I have been trying to “catch” this Robin or its friends eating June berries all week!  Each bird seems to know the moment I pick up my camera!  Even here the cat is looking out the window with me, not helping my chances at all – yet in the end this very alert Robin is photographed among the overripe berries.

A Monarch Distraction

Third grade is nearly over for this homeschool mom and the closer we get to completing the more I – the teacher  –  look out the window.  This day I glance at the Asclepias tuberosa just outside the “classroom” as he plays Ocean Waves on his keyboard.  Listening only for a wrong note until I see this butterfly then all is lost. I jump up run for the camera – slide open the screen.  Andre stops. The commotion behind him just too much even for Ocean Waves.  Together we hang out the window in love with our butterfly friend.  Playing a new song – click, click-click, click.

Big kitty

  The day was dreary, we were tired of math and spelling, so we jumped in the car.  A school day at the Toledo Zoo! As we stood in front of Marta, the Amur Tiger, Andre said, “Take a picture of her nose!”  At midday she and her two tiger cubs were fast asleep.  By 4 p.m. on our way out of the zoo, they were quite awake.  More zoo pics to come!