Tiger, turtles and pumpkins. Oh, my!

An early WARM spring brought us these Tiger Stripe pumpkins in late July (thus the garden phlox in bloom just behind).  Our harvest continued up until we grew weary of the vines attempting to lay hold of our gravel driveway.  My favorite from last years saved seed shall be renamed “Turtle Stripe” – as it is green and white striped and very cool.  I will photograph him for you soon.



The young at heart, thank you God for each of them!  They are forever reminding me to touch your world and relax

Sunflowers in March?

No, not blooming!  This weekend Andre and I planned out our garden for 2011.  The back row along the fence he wants BIG TALL sunflowers.  I said okay, I will buy some seeds.  Then I saw his giant dried bloom from last year standing in the  sun room.  Amazed that is was not completely barren by the stray birds that wonder in – we decided HEY, let’s harvest those!  Andre and Grandpa planted them last year….Andre decided it would be neat to see how many generations we could keep this sunflower going.  He spent about an hour extracting the seeds from the large head into a coffee can (great way to keep a child occupied).  Here he is with his  “prize”.  I am always in awe at his love for all things nature, but I guess I should not be. Gardening is generational, isn’t it?

Proud age eight gardener
How many seeds is that? Yes, we ate a few too!