These two were beautifully paired this afternoon.

Baptisia and Tiger Eye Sumac just waking up, together.


Winter ribbons



I wait wishing I had warm clothes on, standing by the barn.

Looking…spring must be close.

It is March 7, after all.

The shrub near me holds a orange-yellow haze.

I lean in.

Before I even get the camera, I close my eyes

and smell.

The delicate fragrance of Witch hazel.

I am warmed by a scent.

Joyful sliver

I had been working on that north side for several hours.  When you finally have time to do what you love and in turns out to be ninety degrees, you simply adjust where you “play”.   I finally sat for a moment to admire my work and quickly became infatuated with this sliver.  This thin stream of sunshine that somehow found its way around the house as the sun began to set.

This theme of the sliver has dominated my life for several days now.  Blogs, Bible reading, stories all discussing sight…how we see only a small piece of it all.

I still do not understand how this sliver of light appeared  –  there.

Thankfully I got to see.


The creamy white flower panicles of Japanese Tree Lilac – Syringa reticulata.  The latin word “reticulata” means netted, referring to leaf vein pattern.  Syringa are insect pollinated, see the tiny “guy” at work? In the background a Weeping Elm cascades.

A color plan…

The side of the house that no one sees.  I remember designing this, excited about the color combination.  It has been years and I finally documented it…Blue Fescue, deep red Peony, Purple Sand cherry and the green of boxwood….followed up in the fall by deep red Anemone to finish out the season.  Simple.  Low-maintenance.  Happy.

American Tulip Tree

As we continue on BABY LEAF WEEK:  These baby leaves bend upward and out, then unfold along the midrib of the tiny leaf.  Bud scales as you see here are peeled back. A leaf you do not forget – its tip seemingly cut off and indented.