Any day you find…

Snowdropsa flower outside in March, is a GOOD day.  The snow finally melted on the north side of my house revealing Galanthus, common snowdrop bulbs about to bloom.

Botanically speaking: Gala- means milk-white in Greek and –anthus means flower

(Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus named this milk-white flower in 1753)

The color of hope

How to survive spring when you yearn for WARMTH:

Buy potting soil, open the bag and just smell it.

 Search your computer for pictures you took last summer, when all was green and beautiful.

 Sit in that rectangle of sunshine on your carpet, if you can steal it from the cat.

Buy cut flowers, take a picture of them (so you can still enjoy them) then give them away.  You will feel warmer.


This riot of pink and purple – Primula and Azaleas – is screaming.  Can you hear it?

S. P. R. I. N. G.

Etymology for today: Primula is named from the Latin word primus meaning first. Named by Linnaeus because it is one of the first flowers each spring.

Moving toward…


fall.  When I see the Grape-leaf Anemone bloom, I think of the change in season.

This perennial likes to move, but is AWESOME for late summer and fall color!

Looking forward to autumn!