Mighty miracle

Mighty oak



I climbed inside this Blue Spruce (edges of photo), hoping I could get a different view of the Monet Bridge at Cox Arboretum. When I went to photograph it from the front – water view – it was full of visitors, so I waited and walked.  I found this view just outside of the Crab-apple Allee and I rather like it. In the background you see the Education buildings and the ornamental grass display.  My regret of the day was never actually walking across the bright aqua structure!  Ah!  I reason to return.

Happiness in simple finds

Days when I have easy runs scheduled, I always run through Riverside Cemetery.  A beautiful living example of a deciduous forest.  Every run I would see this urn/planter and think, “I need to come back with my camera.”  I LOVE this planter…It speaks to me in its old lichen-ness.  Even bringing forth a bouquet full of grassy weeds…it is beautiful.  Who placed it there?  In honor of whom?  Who used to tend it?  Where are they now?  I have no answers, yet it makes me happy this old planter.