P1180142Time is such an interesting thing.  Do you ever think about time?  I did today as I took the time do something I love. Have you taken the time lately to do what you love?


In touch.


My Hyacinth Bean Vine is reaching, like a outstretched arm. The breeze causes its tip to seemingly have a constant tremble.  It searches for something, anything to help it.  A leaf, a branch, a string. 

It strives to go upward. Weekly I tuck it down around itself again, around the chain it grew up. Out it pushes and I hear it say, “My self won’t work. I need something, something more to wrap around, to cling to, so I can grow up.” 

My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:8

I preach to myself: Stop clinging to your self and reach out to the One who created you to need Him. Take joy in reaching out to Him. 

Allium triad


Have you ever taken a picture and when you look at it later you think – that is so “my life”.  Somehow squatting along my fence barefoot having just taken out the trash framing up this picture, I did not dream I could love it so much!  The three allium flowers standing tall represent my awesome family, kitty on the porch friends (there was a kitty in the window too), the lushness of the world when this was taken represents the pure grace of God.

Feline photo bomb


Luna is certain that she is more interesting than any plant could be, so each time I am in my crouched camera position, I end up with pictures like this one.  Funny cuz I WAS taking a picture of the Tete-a-tete daffodils.  Which as you French speakers know,  means “head to head”.  Exactly how I ended up with the cat!


The moment before, complete with paw.

In search of Spring

Although it doesn’t feel like it at this very second (39 degrees and raining), I think spring arrived last week!  For me the calendar does not dictate when spring arrives.  The plants do!  My eyes tell me spring is here. In my previous post I talked about waiting for spring.  Well, I went out searching for it.  Determined to find something.  Here is a few of my findings….enjoy!  These pictures were taken between April 12 and 18, 2011.

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