We are fortunate enough to have been adopted by four kitties….Baby, Luna, BK and Kuji (LK).

Baby, now Lisa Marie

Baby came to us as a kitten back in the summer of 2002.  She served as our official ColorScapes greeter when our retail store was open, the moment she heard a car pull up she would head out to your car to greet you with…a “meow”.  Her name is Baby because she cries a lot!  Baby was adopted by our neighbor and renamed Lisa Marie.  She now lives with a large kitty named Elvis and is happy to be an indoor kitty once again.

Luna arrived during our “Moonlight Madness Sale 2008” – it was the eve of a full moon and we were sitting around the firepit with customers eating s’mores when we heard a tiny meow.  She has been with us ever since…Luna loves to sit on any part of you, especially shoulders!  She is an amazing hunter and prefers to be an outdoor kitty.  Just she visits us every morning and eve for food and love.

These two are LK and BK.  BK is about 2 years old.  We found her living under our hot tub.  She is an indoor kitty who is very polite and well behaved.  She LOVES to jump!  LK, arrived Spring 2011.  Our lawn mower was meowing one day and we found her underneath!  She is in a word, CRAZY!  Her favorite place to hang out is either inside her food bag or near anything moving!

We love animals about as much as plants – well they just go well together don’t they?


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