What we do…

Our landscape and design business began in 1997.  Over the years things have changed, we spent 10 years with a retail store supplementing our business.  Now we are back to focusing on landscape and design and installation.

Personally, landscape design has always been my favorite part of what we do.  Whether you want to redesign a perennial bed or update the landscaping around your home, we can help.

 Email us at creating.gardens@gmail.com


One thought on “What we do…

  1. Rebecca Graves

    Just got home from the Putnam County Maste Gardner’s Fair and was in your last class. Had to leave right away and wanted you to know I learned a lot…but not enough to do anything without help! And since your place is on my way to Defiance when I go to see two of our sons in Defiane, I’ll stop and ask for help!
    We live in a parsonage…that means it is not our house, only our home. But I can plant! And since there is VERY little anywhere on the lot, I want to do as much as possible to make this a more beautiful place to live! You gave me lots of ideas…I just have to keep straight about sun/shade and water or no water!
    Thanks for a delightful class!

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