P1180142Time is such an interesting thing.  Do you ever think about time?  I did today as I took the time do something I love. Have you taken the time lately to do what you love?



My life is very different from years ago when I started my garden and landscape. This hit me today, as I made the time to work in the garden (truth be known I was avoiding homework). I never thought the day would come when I would say, I want fewer plants. Yet here I am. Today I let my husband seed, yes to lawn a large area of my garden. Those who know me, know my past goal, if not to own at least to meet every plant God created. Yeah, I was serious (seriously crazy)!

As I look ahead at my new goals, well they don’t involve plants. But  the cool thing is I can forever LOVE them and even meet new ones.  They will always speak to me. As I proceed down new paths, this is so valuable to remember.

So nothing is ever wasted or left behind as God works in your life but more like folded in or mixed in as He creates in us exactly what His Kingdom needs.

Peace unexpected 


Yes, I was completely stressed out. My plate overflowing I started freaking out. To which my 13yo said, “Mom, it’s hike day.” In reference to our training schedule (for our Philmont adventure this summer). 

“WHAT?!?” I blurt, thinking that’s the last thing I need AND it’s raining. “Yup,” he says, “Our packs are ready and in the car.”

Okay, fine I think grumpily.

As I walk, try as I might the bad attitude dissipates into the woods I slop through. Andre goes off to hunt the frogs that are singing persistantly (yes, for a merit badge) as I stand by an old garden gate. I have a gate fetish so out comes the camera, when I notice this…on top of the post.

Bryophyte. Moss. (Sorry, don’t know all my mosses yet so no Latin name today.)

Yes, between this moss and the hike itself…I totally forgot “my plate” of worries.

I’m home now and the plate is still full, but it looks different somehow and for that change in vision, I am thankful.

Second look


I just looked back.

The last two months were so unexpected, that I think ran from the loss we experienced with my father-in-law passing.  It is so easy to hide in the forest of busyness. I just realized this as I happened through my photos and found pictures I never remembered even putting on my computer.

Less than a day after we arrived home he died.

A trip to D.C. we really enjoyed was completely gone, because you deal with the now.  Our now was suddenly very different.  So here I sit in March at 2 a.m. reliving our trip.

It seems so long ago.

This picture brings me the joy and just awe.  How is it this Magnolia skin stretches out so peaceful to me?  Oh, Lord your beauty surrounds us!

Take time, to look back.